Hand Washing Habits

Hand Washing Habits

What are the hand washing habits of people away from home?  What proportion of people wash or don’t wash hands after using the toilet?

  • Two in five people did not wash and dry hands after using the toilet
  • Soap was rarely used with most people just wetting their hands
  • Men were least likely to wash and dry hands with almost half mature men not doing so
  • Males were almost twice as likely not to wash and dry hands as women
  • Pre teen & teen boys and men over 55 were the least likely to wash and dry their hands
  • Girls became dramatically more consciousness of hand hygiene as the hit their teens

This research used an observation method.  The observational study was conducted in male and female public toilets in two major NSW shopping centres over both Saturdays and Sundays at each location.  The sample size for the study was 979 people.

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