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The ‘Cost In Use’ Analysis focuses on analysing costs in Toilet Tissue & Hand Towel usage in your facility.  There are many contributing factors to evaluate where your dollars are going with these two categories, such as the size and type of toilet tissue you are using, the dispensing system you are (or aren’t) using, the size and type of your Hand Towels, the case configurations etc.  It is often hard to compare ‘Apples with Apples’ when deciding the best options.  

This clever piece of software uses known industry specifics and does the hard work for you producing a nice one page report to help you make a well informed decision on what’s best for you.  See examples of Toilet Tissue & Hand Towel reports below:

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To work effectively, the ‘Cost In Use’ calculator requires accurate raw data otherwise the end result will be meaningless.  

Simply complete the ‘Cost In Use’ form below and email it back to us at and we’ll get to work immediately and email you back the results.  

The raw data information you require is usually on a recent invoice from your current supplier and product configurations are usually on the outer of the case or wrapper of the product.  

You could be literally flushing good money down the toilet.  Let’s find out!!!

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